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Go bold and go for it this weekend. Stay fierce everyday.


Be a good baddie and snag all these petite, all cute styles available…


Show off your messed up supermodel vibes in these fun, fierce new looks.


Strike a pose in these super bold aesthetic glam looks.


Slay in style this season, with new and on-trend insta aesthetic designs.

Crop Top + T-Shirt


Pant + Jean


Sweater + Hoodie

Bodysuit Top

Lingerie + Bikini

And More

Looking for a new outfit for next week’s #BossBaddie? Browse the latest collection now!

Wide Range of Collections

The designs are fun and vibrant, and the look is meant to make a statement. From urban chic looks to more trendy pieces, we created a variety of looks that were both fun and chic for you to try.

Bold and For Everyday Wear

Our collections are for the chic fashionista who isn’t afraid to be a little bad, or for those who wanted to be a little more daring than average, but still age-appropriate.

Earth Safe Sourcing

We provide a convenient way to look fashionable and also keep the earth safe. The products are sustainable and ethically sourced.

More about our shop and the Baddie Clothing look

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What is Baddie Outfits and Baddie Aesthetic Clothing?

Baddie is a contemporary aesthetic that focuses on looking attractive to the eye by being conventionally attractive. In word, “Baddie” is a portmanteau of “badass” and “babe”. In fashion, the goal of this aesthetic is to be beautiful, with the intention of being universally enticing. It’s not an particularly unique aesthetic, but Baddie-inspired wardrobes are the daily choice of the most popular Beauty influencers on Instagram and YouTube. The aesthetic can also be cross-cultural, emphasizing modern beauty rituals and most importantly, a Bold Attitude.

Baddie aesthetic outfits is one of the most versatile aesthetic. The most popular one is Insta Baddie. Other related subgenres are Luxurious Baddie, Retro Baddie. Y2K Baddie, and Vintage Baddie.

About Baddiess Fashion Shop

The advent of social media has enabled young girls, in particular, to be more conscious of their looks and to find people who look like them. This has created a new beauty archetype that also is the central theme of our shop. The coolest thing about this aesthetic is that there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. It’s all about attitude. This aesthetic is the epitome of cool and effortless and has become a new way to express yourself through fashion.

Baddiess understands that, so we strive to offer you fresh, trendy, and edgy beauty products. We love beauty just as much as we love fashion. Every product you see is hand-picked by us. We are always adding exciting new products, so be sure to check back regularly.