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The Ultimate Guide on How to be an Instagram Baddie

The complete guide to sizzle up your Instagram feed with the latest ‘Baddie’ trend. Bring out Your Inner Confidence With the Baddie Aesthetic

# Introduction

How many times have you stumbled upon a picture of Kylie Jenner flaunting the perfect outfit with flawless makeup?

This might make you want to revamp your Instagram aesthetic. The question is – How?

We believe every young woman can relate to one or the other aesthetic. The perfect theme for your feed, the minimalist outfits blending in with the color scheme or the impeccable winged liner, all of it might seem a little overwhelming.

Now, if you are into the Popular Baddie Fashion Trend, you have sashayed to the right destination. This article will help your Instagram feed look like the perfect baddie aesthetic, with easy tips and tricks.

Once you know the trick, fashion is not complicated.

# What is the Baddie Aesthetic?

If I have to choose two words to describe this aesthetic, they will be ‘bold’ and ‘confident’.

The foxy crop tops accentuating your curves, the tight, figure-hugging jeans,  or the eye-catching yet subtle makeup giving the final, magical touch to your gutsy personality.

Isn’t this every girl’s fashion dream?

For all those dreams waiting to be fulfilled, the baddie aesthetic is what you have been looking for. To give you a much clearer idea about this, let’s move on to how the baddie aesthetic has revolutionized pop culture!

# Baddie Outfits Trends in the Recent Pop Culture

It is essential to talk about the baddie aesthetic trend on Instagram since this is the platform where it gained recognition.

Famous Instagrammers and celebrities like the Jenners and the Kardashians, apart from their fitness, have gained an enormous fan base with their Baddie Look.

Countless social media influencers have also hopped onto this bandwagon to look more glamorous and in vogue.

So tick off the picture-perfect feed requirement with those long and freshly painted nails!

Apart from just Instagram, this aesthetic has found its place in the world outside social media too. Many celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and others have rocked this style boldly and confidently.

Popular shows like Elite, Gossip Girl, etc., have incorporated that baddie look with their characters and their style.

Thus, a baddie aesthetic is not a mere aesthetic, it is a lifestyle for some.

# How to Get That Baddie Aesthetic Feed for Instagram

Getting the Baddie feed is not as hard as it seems. It is one of those trends that derive their style through minimalistic designs and shades.

You might even have some of your own baddie outfits that you just have to mix and match and pull off with your makeup skills.

Tada! you have created your own Baddie look.

But here is the catch for you – read on to get the Baddie outlook on every category.

1. Fashion

  • Tops:

For Summers:

Crop tops: You do not need any fancy tops to get the bold look. Take out all the crop tops you own and put them on with that confident smile on your face.

Tube tops: Tube tops are the perfect outfit choice for a hot, summer day. These will not just make you feel stylish and daring but also keep you comfortable.

For Winters:

Although crop tops and tube tops are the best choices for summer, you definitely would not want to freeze to death in the chilly weather.

Sweatshirts: Sweatshirts are not just stylish but they also keep you warm and comfy. They are like a wearable but chic blanket!

  • Bottoms

Fitted Jeans/Ripped Jeans: You may or may not like baddie outfits but no one can resist jeans that fit like an elegant glove. You can wear a baggy t-shirt or a tantalizing halter top, fitted jeans will make all of your outfits look cool, effortlessly.

Also, no matter what your body type is, this will suit everyone. So, what do you say? Let’s trend #FittedJeansForTheWin everywhere!

Camo Pants: These pants are the perfect fit for people who look for smartness and style. If you want to go all out and experiment with something more eccentric yet trendy, camo pants will make you look one-of-a-kind.

Sweatpants: Netflix and chill is old news. Sweat-pants and chill is the way to go. Take out your comfiest sweatpants and click those killer mirror selfies and make it look effortless.

Who knew sweat-pants could ever look fashionable? Well, welcome to the 21st century where anything you can carry confidently is fashion!

Body-Suits: If all the other outfits are too passé for you and not baddie enough, body-suits are the highway to looking hot as hell.


You can always pair up your Baddie outfit with the good old converse or any other basic shoes. For a trendier alternative, you can go for classy stilettos or even boots.

Whatever you decide, ramp-walk your entire way as if the world is your runway!

This was just a baddie outfit preview because anything that makes you look bold is a part of this aesthetic. So do not hesitate and dive into the world of the Instagram baddie with us.

2. Makeup and Accessories

Fashion does not just limit itself to outfits. It goes way beyond that extends to the world of makeup and accessories too. So give the final touch to your look with makeup and accessories.

Your life may not always be on fleek but these makeup and accessory tips definitely are!

  • Get the brows right.
  • Go for nude/brown shades.
  • Curl long and luscious lashes.
  • Perfect winged eyeliner.
  • Freshly painted nails.
  • Learn contouring skills.
  • Hoop earrings – Who needs Kanye West when you can run the entire world by just putting these on?

3. Other Basics to Get the Aesthetic Right

  1. Find your perfect angle.

Indeed, blessed are those who look beautiful from all the angles. However, all of us have that one angle that makes us look like a total baddie! Find that angle and get the ‘gram-worthy pictures.

  1. Radiate the baddie attitude.

Sometimes, outfits just do not do justice tor your charming attitude. So, do not just dress to impress but also to express your inner confidence.

  1. Look out for the color scheme.

All your efforts can go down the drain if you do not plan your feed’s color scheme. Preferable colors for Baddie Aesthetics are brown, white, and cream. Install a few Instagram layout tools and that is it! You have got it all sorted.

The Ultimate Guide on How to be an Instagram Baddie 83 Baddie
  1. Get inspired.

Inspire yourself with baddie accounts on Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest. Find out which style suits you the best and go with it.

Lastly, follow the above tips and tricks for the baddie aesthetic and set your feed on fire.  If this is not your thing, you can always create your own personal aesthetic!

After all, all famous aesthetic trends were once just an idea.

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